PASTE. Artist feature: Wesley van Eeden

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Today we feature Wesley van Eeden from Hope Project.  

Durban based, Wesley van Eeden aims at producing illustration for Advertising, Animation, Editorial, Branding, Identity, Typography and Apparel, with a positive force. His work has been used by clients internationally for a wide range of commercial work and exhibited worldwide on various exhibitions.

His work is best described as positive and uplifting and he would like to work with clients that share the same vision for a better world.

Wesley on SJ ARTISTS 

Wesley’s Website. 

Wesley has just had the opening “Broadcasts” exhibition at the KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa.

4th – 24th October 2011.
Check out the event on facebook HERE!

An exhibition featuring interviews of people from Finland and South Africa which are then translated into a series of paintings and illustrations. Featuring Christian Mugnai, Senyol, Duane Smith, Pete Reynolds and Wesley van Eeden.


Wesley’s PASTEs.

Still wet Sea Point PASTE. Photo Shani Judes



Khayelitsha PASTE. Photo Shani Judes





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