Marti Lund


Marti Lund is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa.
His work takes form in many media. Trained as a realistic oil painter, Lund also works in collage, murals, grafitti and surfboard art.
His process starts in collage. Lund feels like this is the only way to correctly communicate the powerful combinations of cultural , social and environmental narratives that he wants his work to hold. Collage allows for rapid resolve of visuals, to create complex stories and to find humour in the strange juxtaposition of imagery. From collage, he translates the work onto canvases and walls, using a realistic style; be it in spray paint on wall, acrylic on surfboard or oil on canvas.
Many of the visuals relate directly to his homeland, South Africa and are deeply personal,
inspired by an awe of ethereal natural beauty, a will to celebrate diversity and a mind full of social critique.


Mural paintings, canvas paintings & graffiti


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