Mook Lion DBN


Born in Johannesburg but having spent the majority of his life living in Durban, Mook Lion has researched the social role played by Mural Art, Street Art and Graffiti from a historical and theoretical perspective
He endeavours to make art which is conceptually driven, with a fine art aesthetic, within the public space. He hopes to make art which has a positive impact on society by beautifying or repurposing wasted space and communicating with the public and exposing them to beautiful visual art.
As a commercial artist clients include Blackberry and Verimark, The Winston Pub and Boulevard night club, Training and Resource in Early Education, Umthombo and Alliance France, Crawford College and Port Natal.


Mural painting using brush and spray paint
Graffiti lettering
Wheat pasting
Water colour, oil painting, lino cuts, screen printing
Engaging with the public concerning the effect of art work.


Mural Artists