PASTE. Butterfly Art Project

November 22, 2011 at 09:39 / by

In September this year, Intern Joëlle van Strien joined SJ ARTISTS from Holland.

We decided to set up a project that Joëlle could run with and organize from start to end.

I have been working with a local organization called BUTTERFLY ART PROJECT, who uses the method of art therapy and teaches art skills to the youth in one of our local townships, Vrygrond.

We came up with the idea of PASTING the children’s artwork to brighten up the township. Over the last 2 months Joëlle has joined the Butterfly Art Porject team and has been working with the youth to create these beautiful BUTTERFLY artworks.

We decided to use the method of body mapping, as it is both fun to do and therapeutic, using art to heal. We wanted these to represent the Butterfly Art Project so we made the body maps into Butterflies and got to children to create wings.

On Tuesday 29th November 2011, we will be PASTING 70 Butterflies around the community.

Please feel free to call and  come and join.

We are still in need of a videographer to make a little short on the project and food sponsorship for the PASTE day.

Please contact Shani Judes on 083 5095106 for more info.



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