DALifying Deer Park

February 28, 2012 at 11:58 / by

Thanks to Afrika Burn Art Spark, this mural by DALeast was made possible. Its in DeerPark aka Rocklands Park in Cape Town, South Africa and yes we got the right permits to make it happen. So nothing illegal to this one – yet what “they” think is illegal is art to everyone else. So we will try educate “them” to know the difference. More info on this to come.

I would like to thank Roger Van Wyk and his wife from Deer Park Cafe for welcoming us and feeding us, its always great to have community involvement & support in projects like this.

Onto this mural, and the artist, Dal moved to Cape Town last year after meeting South African’s top female graffiti artist Faith47, thanks Faith for bringing this incredibly talented artist to our streets. Check his site out – here 



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