Inside Out Project | BE THE CHANGE: OPEN CALL for Logo & Poster

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General Concept:

  • Global Art Project (refer to IOP approved text in Preliminary Press Release below)
  • Black & White Portrait(s) (Giving a voice to the silent majority)
  • Part of JR’s Inside Out Project
  • 20-30 Participating countries/cities (listed below)
  • Need to capture the strength of BE THE CHANGE, Unity, Empathy, Collaboration, Hands-On, Thinking Forward

Graphics: Outside the box, hip, easy to understand, powerful, provocative, crisp, etc

The logo will be aimed at GLOBAL AUDIENCE
High aesthetics are essential.

This logo will be exposed worldwide.
Although the work will be done on a voluntary basis, the designer will be credited and the logo will be publicized online and offline internationally.

This logo will be used on a variety of online and offline applications. It should therefore be simple and bold, capable of being easily reproduced using a variety of printing techniques. It must be capable of being used in various sizes and in combination with other logos.


Deadline:  March 12th

Please submit designs to:

Let’s rock the world Inside Out!

Example of JR’s Work: &


Image By Jonx Pillemer

Image Courtesy of JR

Preliminary Press Release “Inside Out | Be the Change

When TED Prize winner, JR, announced his wish to turn the world “Inside Out,” inviting people around the globe to share a photo portrait along with a statement about what they stand for, many cities and individuals around the world responded.  Seeing the global response, the Inside Out Group Actions in Athens and Juarez decided to unite these actions in a global action called BE THE CHANGE.

We find ourselves at a very interesting crossroads. During this time of accelerated globalization and rapid changes in ou r environment, people in countries around the world are being affected in different ways.  Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to share the human stories that unite us as world citizens.

Via JR’s Inside Out Project, we are uniting around the world to bring awareness to the issues we want to change, as well as inspire creative solutions to make these changes possible.  It is time for us as co-producers, artists and global citizens to engage in a dialogue to help reorganize systems of urban interaction and challenge the existing frameworks.  We believe this change must come from within each individual in order for us to move forward collectively.

We invite the growing silent majority to be part of this “global ex-change” by becoming more globally conscious and proactive in their daily lives.  On September 22 (World Peace Day), the world will unite through the exchange of portraits from country to country which will not only create a mosaic of faces, but an ongoing collaborative dialogue, using art and communication as catalysts for social change.

There are 22 participating cities and countries to date, including Amsterdam (Netherlands), Alsace (France), Athens (Greece), Austin (Texas), Aveiro (Portugal), Bandung (Indonesia), Brisbane (Australia), Cape Town (South Africa), Casablanca (Morocco), Hainan Provence (China), Juarez (Mexico), Lima (Peru), London (UK), Madrid (Spain), Mumbai (India), Nairobi (Kenya), Nicosia (Cyprus), City TBD (Poland), South Bronx (USA), Tel Aviv (Israel), Tokyo (Japan) and Tunis (Tunisia).


Examples of previously created LOGOS for inspiration:



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