Insideout Project Cape Town, South Africa July 2011

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I was really privileged to coordinate Cape Town’s Insideoutproject with French Artist, JR’s team  this week.

INSIDE OUT is a large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. Everyone is challenged to use black and white photographic portraits to discover, reveal and share the untold stories and images of people around the world.

The first edition in Cape Town is dealing with racism between the Black & Colored youth from Hout Bay. More info below.

It all started around 6 30pm Tuesday 12th July 2011

I was so excited I had to make a sign, obviously they noticed straight away that I was the right person to walk towards, as that is what IOP  is all about – printing large scale images  for the world to see.

Also I had this lame excited smile on my face.

Kevin and Sean, holding their sign.

Image by my slow Berry

It was dinner time so I took them to Nieghbourhoods to grab a bite to eat.

They had some burgers and nachos which they thought were amazing and really cheap compared to the 12 euros  they pay in Paris for a burger (Jon dont up the prices though lol)

Day 1 Wednesday

Took a drive through to Hout Bay to fetch the Posters which had arrived from NYC, we were so blessed with the amazing weather the whole week – it made dealing with large sizes of paper totally manageable.

Thankfully no South Easter to deal with


Image by JONX PILLEMER               Image by my slow blackberry

Then we went wall scouting, we didnt use either of these, but I like the pictures.


Images by me.

We went to the first site, which was grand parade to start 2 days of pasting eyes onto the kiosks.


Images by Jonx Pillemer

Now this is one interesting place to spend time at. Luckily photographer Jonx Pillemer who documented the project was there as we landed up being each others body guards.

Body Guard  by Paul Simon- watch this video as this song was going through my head every time I thought about Jonx being my guard  (at 2 min 10 seconds it gets funny)

Paul Simon in Zim – I love this one with the awesome crowd shots, IOP needs to go to ZIM, any takers?

Anyways, we stayed on the parade quite late both days. It was amazing to see peoples responses and to talk to them about the project.  I was often asked ‘what I was doing there’ and I would point to the roof and their face would just drop. “Wow” would be the response and then they would ask “why”. I just said “ART”, and then told the story of these specific images. “We are trying to overcome racism between the Black & Colored youth in Hout Bay.” These people just stood there, they were so amazed and so excited to see  it  happening in their city.  It meant so much to see these reactions and to know that something good was being done.

Jonx and I went up the clock tower of City Hall to take a shot from above (will post that one soon) Below I help Jonx not fall backwards. Was entertaining.

Sometimes photographers just need help

Grand Parade City Kiosks.

Friday I took the team through Woodstock to see some street art and then to Salon91 to see the current WinterWonderland show featuring some of CT’s talent, Lauren Fowler, Cassandra Leigh, Jade Klara, & Linsey Levendall 


We then went onto the City Library, the youth from Hout Bay high joined us to paste up their photographs and some city volunteers came to help.



Images by Jonx


Images by me

Next up was the community where the project sprang from, we went out to get them started on pasting on their homes.


Images by me. From Left to right

Students seeing their photo’s for the first time.

Sean showing the first student from Houtbay High how to paste.

Each student got to paste their own as well as their partners on each others homes.

Saturday – The Never Ending Bridge

Now this was really beautiful, we had the most amazing warm weather and its really peaceful up there. The first person we came by was a lady and her boyfriend who live on the bridge. They have been there for over a year and Saturday is their washing day, so they went to do their washing but boy was she excited we were doing something beautiful with her bridge.

 We got some harness’s and rope from Zip Zap Circus (Thank you Brent)

The next person I came by really made me think. At one point during the morning,  I was walking towards my car (away from the end) and this well dressed woman walks past me, so I say hi and carry on walking. I get into my car and I see her turn around and start running towards me. So I got out my car and asked if she was ok. Turns out she was lost, she had a bandaged hand, and had just been released from Somerset Hospital (close to the waterfront) She was from Joe Slovo in Milnerton and a truck had driven past her the day before and sliced her hand. She was taken to hospital in an ambulance had no money or phone on her and her children were at home alone. This was now the following day, they had not fed her, given her pain killers and by the time they saw her it was too late to stitch her hand. All she needed to do was get home to her children. She was almost in tears and I could see she was in an absolute state. This is just one of the insane things that happened during this project, each and everyone gave me something to think about on a very deep level. PS I put her in my car, gave her some food, dropped her close to the station and gave her money to get home. One thing I can say is that the interaction I had with her made me think about how easy some of us have it, we need to share what we have in a selfless way.




 Now we needed a break after 4 solid days, so I took the guys to one of my favorite places, Clifton 1st. Played some frisb and had a little swim (they couldnt get in, it was too cold for them) Then to Signal Hill for Sunset.


Last couple of days saw many places, we did Woodstock, Salt River, Muizenberg and 6 Containers in Hanberg.

My favorite was this lady who decided to let rip on what we were doing in Muizenberg. The best was when she said “Art must stay on canvas and is not for anywhere else” I thought she needed to get laid. Hopefully this will show people that its ok to have art on the outside.



This project is everyone’s and I urge you to do it in your community. All you need to do is send in your photographs and it will get sent back to you. I know how to paste and have all the brushes, and squigies, so shout if you need some help.

For all those who have projects in mind let me know and we can action it.

Thanks to Jonx Pillemer for the amazing set of photographs.

Thanks to JR for sharing this project with the world.