Mural under Threat due to Bureaucracy – Muizenberg, Cape Town SIGN THE PETITION HERE

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This mural is under threat of being removed due to bureaucracy. Check out the thread on the facebook image here.

Petition coming shortly.


Article in the ECHO last week


Muizenberg beach goers have been given a beautiful mural by Binho Ribeiro, a
visiting graffiti fine artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Well-known in his home city and in international art circles, Binho’s colourful
street art adorns many parts of Sao Paolo, bringing vibrance and life to the walls of
tenement buildings, houses, city apartment blocks and parks of the city. Street art is
celebrated and encouraged in Brazil and even the famous Ipanema beach in Rio de
Janeiro has a Binho work.

And now the public ablutions block at Muizenberg’s Surfer’s Corner also boasts a
colourful Binho artwork, bearing his trademark signature. The mural is a Koi Fish,
a Buddhist symbol depicting courage. ‘ Humans “swim” through the “ocean of
suffering” without fear,’ said Binho, ‘just as a fish swims through water’.

As the painting of the mural progressed throughout the day, beachgoers of all ages
watched in awe, many staying on to see its completion. Others came all the way
to Muizenberg to watch the creation evolve. When an image was posted on to the
Muizenberg facebook page the response was overwhelming, with over 160 comments
and ‘Likes’.

All eyes on Muizenberg!

For the last two years local Muizenberg artist, Claire Homewood, has been
campaigning to make art more accessible to the public in Muizenberg. She has been
the mover and shaker behind a number of community initiatives and when Shani
Judes from SJ Artists recently moved to Muizenberg they teamed up to make public
art in Muizenberg a reality. Shani, who project manages large scale art projects,
made contact with Binho who was to visit Cape Town for a wedding and he agreed
to come and do the mural. ‘ Cape Town is a beautiful city’ said Binho,‘ I’ll be back
again soon.’

Official permission from the City of Cape Town has now been given for street mural
painting and a number of locations approved. Local and international artists have
shown a keen interest in participating in future projects and Claire and Shani are now
exploring potential avenues of funding.

‘Public art helps to grow and uplift communities.’ said Shani. ‘A mural instantly
brings life and colour to an area. Muizenberg, already beautiful, is however lacking in
public art.’

Shani funded the materials for the mural out of her own pocket, to show how positive
public art can be and to pave the way for future murals in Muizenberg.

“We’d like to thank Binho for coming to Muizenberg to help brighten our beautiful
beach.’ said Claire. ‘We’re currently looking for funding as three local artists have
been offered a wall with a specific brief to welcome people to Muizenberg beach.
We also have a great artist here from New York who is happy to paint a mural for us.
Once we have funding or paint material sponsorship, we will be able to execute these
straight away. If anybody can assist with scaffolding or primer paint that would be a
great help.’

Image by Jonx Pillemer