Donna Solovei solo PASTE show hits the streets of Cape Town – Creatures

November 29, 2011 at 00:54 / by

Donna Solovei is having a  solo PASTE  show titled, CREATURES.

These creatures will be appearing on Cape Town’s streets over the next few days.
The extinction of our animals is happening every day. People become so caught up in their own busy worlds, that the thought of a polar bears’ habitat melting away is forgotten. Donna has recreate a new set of species by combining animals, to question, that maybe these combinations did exist or still could exist for example a hyena mixed with a porcupine.
An imaginative world of might be’s and could have beens, where two becomes one.

Watch out for some of the following –  Hyenapine, Owlemur, Ze’bird, Polion, Squabbit, Eagat

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If you see them take a photo and send into and follow SJ Artists on Twitter to see hints of where they are at.


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