Times Live – Design Crown by Nadine Botha

November 7, 2011 at 10:55 / by

Paste Design is by Linsey Levendall from Bison, and photography by Jonx Pillemer 


For those that check the news paper / online news you would have seen an article over the weekend in Cape Times titled Design Crown.

Cape Town has been awarded the Design Capital of the world for 2014 and Nadine Botha, along with many others are asking what that means for South Africa and how the locals want to see things change.


A little elaboration on my quote:  “I would like to get the City of Cape Town (government level) and the creative community working together to create a more cohesive plan for 2014 one that can allow artists, designers, architects etc to feel more free in designing for Cape Town. I want to see large amounts of public art, architecture that is pushing design limits, and the City needs to come on board in order for this to happen”
Shani Judes, Connector, Curator, Artist Manager.

Marc and Lyall from Thingking  also one of SJ Artists spoke about what it means for them as an industrial design team working in Cape Town.

I want to urge all to start thinking how we can make the City ready for 2014 and the change we want to see, especially on government level.

Mural by Thingking.



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