In 2011 Shani from SJ Artists created PASTE. 17 local artists were selected to design, illustrate or photograph work around the theme of Khayelitsha Culture. The work was turned into large scale wheat pastes and pasted around Khayelitsha and Cape Town’s inner city.

The aim was to take the exhibition out of the gallery space and into the streets of both city and township. To spread the art into the different cultures and allow the greater community access.
It was a great project to curate and wouldnt have been possible without the amazing artists and helpers that took part.

Participating Artists

Simon Berndt
Cassandra Leigh
Lauren Fowler
Wesley Van Eeden
Jonx Pillemer
Russell Goodman
Swain Hoogervorst &Paul Ward
Miné Jonker & Clinton Campbell from Studio Muti
ELLO – love and hate studio
black koki – love and hate studio
Julia Merrett
Claire Homewood
Fuzzy Slipperz
Donna Solovei
Yuma Yoshimura (TOKYO)
Linsey Levendall