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Massive thank you to Richard Aaron for creating this video.

PASTE. A street art exhibition curated by Shani Judes of SJ ARTISTS and Between 10and5 .
18 local artists were selected to design, illustrate or photograph work around the theme of Khayelitsha Culture. The work was turned into large scale wheat pastes and was pasted around Khayelitsha and the inner city of Cape Town.

The aim: to take the exhibition out of the gallery space and into the streets of both city and township. Spreading the art into the different cultures and allowing the greater community access.


Simon Berndt – One Horse Town
Cassandra Leigh
Lauren Fowler
Wesley Van Eeden
Jonx Pillemer
Russel Goodman
Linsey Levendall
Swain Hoogervorst & Paul Ward
Miné Jonker and Clinton Campbell from Studio Muti
ELLO – love and hate studio
black koki – love and hate studio
Julia Merrett
Claire Homewood
Fuzzy Slippers
Donna Solovei
Yuma Yoshimura (TOKYO)

Thanks to the following people for all their hard work and contributions.
Firstly to Richard Aaron who created this video.
Jonx Pillemer for the beautiful photographs.
Gary Morris for the music.
Thanks to all the pasters involved: Juma Mkwela, Yuma Yoshimura (Yumanizumu)
Jennifer Bam, Marinus Kriek & Joëlle van Strien & Sergio Rinquist
Alix-Rose Cowie from Between10and5.
Thanks to the Dollie family for getting involved.
Thanks to Alcolin for the glue sponsorship.
Jason De Villiers for his contribution to the project.
Thanks also needs to go to JR for the inspiration for PASTE.
And mostly to all the people from Khayelitsha who were so hungry for this project to happen.


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