Chris Auret

May 16, 2024

Chris Auret (b. 1988) is a South African mural artist known for his unique style of painting. Auret's distinctive technique features energetic brushstrokes, vibrant colours, and strong conceptual themes. He is inspired by nature and people and celebrates the idea that we are non-separate. He also enjoys being a platform through his work for those with a story worth sharing.He has collaborated with various organisations and artists, such as the Century City Arts Foundation, Foundever, University of the Western Cape, The Greater Tygerberg Partnership, Wavescape, Converse, Jeremy Loops, Alice Phoebe Lou, Ralph Ziman, Rabobank (Amsterdam), Generator Hotels (Miami), Bazique Music Festival, and Afrikaburn.A passionate conservationist, through the use of his work, Auret actively supports initiatives such as Greenpop, The Sustainability Institute, Save Our Seas Foundation, and Herd Trust.

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