May 21, 2024

Amy-Leigh Braaf aka Hakopike, a South African artist, explores self-discovery and the complexities of love through her art, drawing from the nation's biodiversity. Her pieces symbolize layered meanings while navigating her identity as a woman of mixed Cape Malay and Indonesian heritage. International exhibitions and residencies in Japan and Bali (2023) showcased her pieces on a global level. "Celestial Deities" redefines womanhood and heritage, while "Bye Bye Bokkie" explores into intricate soul bonds and loss. Her solo exhibition at Brutal gallery "Echoes of Ancestral Threads" marked a pivotal moment in her career, where she showcased her work back at home where it all started as an ode to those who came before - her ancestors. Braaf's journey encapsulates cultural heritage, self-discovery, and timeless connections, resonating as an ode to human existence, weaving stories of generations past and present into an evocative dance of life.

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