Mika Revell

June 18, 2024

Little Pink Pills (b.1985) is an Asian-American artist and muralist raised in Los Angeles. Mika's passion for public art began while living in Venice Beach and propelled her into the international art scene. her work is featured in cities around the globe, including Berlin, Tokyo, New York, and New Orleans. Mika's work often weaves together elements of political satire, feminism, and art historical references, creating rich, thought-provoking visual narratives inspired by their location and audience. Noteworthy public art commissions include the Los Angeles SoFi Stadium, Kyoto Swissotel, the City of South Milwaukee, and the Architecture and Design Museum of Los Angeles.

Mika is set to complete a new mural in Seapoint, Cape Town, reflecting her continued commitment to community-based projects. Additionally, she is preparing for solo exhibitions in Cape Town and Berlin.

If you'd like to learn more about our work, feel free to reach out! shani@shanijudes.co.za / +27835095106