Sea Point Promenade Murals 2024

June 15, 2024

Join us at the Sea Point Promenade as we paint three new murals on the Milton Road ablution blocks. We are thrilled to present a fresh, fun, and vibrant mural by Yay Abe. Additionally, the talented artist Hakopike brings an ocean-inspired piece, which harmoniously complements Yay Abe's mural as if they coordinated their color palettes. This delightful connection was purely serendipitous! We are also excited to introduce Mika Revell, a new artist from Los Angeles, who has been in Cape Town for six months and is contributing her unique artistic vision to our city.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Blok, our financial supporter, and to the City of Cape Town for once again entrusting SJ Artists with this project.

Sea Point is a beloved location for us to create art, especially on the Promenade, where the community can engage with our work. The area is enriched with cultural activities, including photographic exhibitions in collaboration with Orms and Canon, and the enduring Rhino sculpture by Andre Carl van der Merwe. We love bringing art to this vibrant space and look forward to sharing our new murals with you.

Little Pink PIlls
Yay Abe